SFS6002 in English -webinar, offer – 25 %

08:00 - 16:00

We offer this webinar (in English) with 25 % discount in the end of year 2023!

KTM’s conclusion on electrical safety requires that every electrician, manager and specialist working in the field of electricity, perform a general electrical safety course. The course must be repeated at least every five years. The course meets the content requirements of KTMp 517.

A certificate is given to the course participants. In addition, those who pass the exam, receive an occupational safety card.

More info: +358 164 600 / Teppo Suominen

Price: 230 € + vat / person (normal 310 € + vat)

For booking you will need to send email to Teppo: teppo.suominen@tulityokoulutus.fi and put this information: name + date of birth and invoicing details.


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